Do brunch like a Capetonian

This is a serious conversation. Because Capetonians take their brunch time very seriously. It’s part of the weekend ritual, how we shake off the workday mindset and ease into the Saturday feels. It’s the best way to catch up with the squad after a busy week, and bond over a shared love of food before the rest of the weekend’s shenanigans begin. And, it’s not be missed.

So gather your mates (or don’t. I’m all about the self love or some relaxing me-time) and your appetite and let’s go for BRUNCH!


1. But first – a hike…

…or a gentle walkies, or any kind of exercise that floats your boat. Though the commitment to the brunch game is strong, the commitment to the fitness game is even stronger. The Cape Town locals are super active creatures, and the roads (and mountains and promenades and parks) buzz with cyclists, runners and walkers everyday of the week – and even more so on the weekend. Even the doggos in this city love to join their humans on their daily exercise. No surprises here, my ideal pre-brunch outdoor activity is the old faithful hike. If a foodie date is the main event that day, I usually choose a low-key trail like the Pipe Track or the lower Lion’s Head loop. And of course it’s mandatory to head to brunch in your #ActiveWear.

2. Head to the hottest new spot…

…which you know will be good because you already looked it up on Zomato, Trip Advisor, and Eat Out, didn’t you? And read 50 rave reviews, scrolled through their hashtag and Instagram handle and had a sneaky look at the breakfast menu. There are LOADS of appealing cafes and bakeries in Cape Town’s CBD alone, each with their own special brand of cool and serving expertly brewed artisanal coffee, and a trendy new spot seems to pop up every weekend in this city. You’ll always be spoilt for choice. You could also be a creature of habit and return to a tried and tested favourite. This past weekend I headed to Solo again, a still seemingly uncovered restaurant on Loop Street. I’ve been twice before, both times on a Saturday and both times it was quiet. But, the food and coffee are both delish and the inner courtyard setting is light and cosy. And, there are tiny succulents on the tables, so what’s not to love?


3. Then coffee…

You know you’re a fully fledged Capetonian (and probably a millennial) when you’ve spent the last 2 hours of your morning exercise speaking about that post-workout cuppa with that perfectly smooth layer of micro-foam (and when you weren’t speaking about it, you were probably thinking about it, too). There’s a certain kind of foodie satisfaction that only a post-hike coffee can induce, as it arrives at the table, like a little gleaming mug of happiness.


4. Complain that you have no idea what to order because everything sounds sooo amazing

Now that the coffee has been ordered/consumed, it comes time to decide on the main event: the food (never mind the fact that it usually takes about a year and a half to order drinks because sometimes you might be feeling “extra” and want a vanilla latte instead of the usual cappuccino/flat white situation). Will it be eggs this morning or something sweet, rather than salty? Should we go with the usual eggs Ben, or be adventurous and sample the shakshuka? Ooooh but then the waffles sound good, don’t they? It’s also quite normal to deliberate ordering something new all morning, while your brunch mates roll their eyes, and then order the same kinda thing that you’d usually have (in my case, that’s the yoghurt and granola option or oats or avo on toast – because I’m Millennial like that).


5. Give everyone food envy…

…by snapping your brunch situation as it’s placed gently in front of you, and sharing it (but not literally) on multiple social media platforms.


6. Ogle the other diners’ orders as they arrive at the opposite table…

…with mumbles of “Oooooh now THAT looks good”, while having low-key regrets over ordering the humble avo-on-toast instead of that huge-ass burger and chips that they’re currently biting into (no jokes, on a side-ish note, I swear every time I order a salad someone near me orders a burger and I’m just like, “Can you not?”)



7. And, finally, just enjoy and have the best time ever

Because that’s the most important thing, right? While brunch might be a serious affair, you didn’t do it properly unless you enjoyed yourself. I love love love catching up with my favourite people over brunch and talking life/food/millenial-problems/how much we love each other/grumbling over how sore our legs are after that morning’s uphill slog in search of adventure. It’s the epitome of happiness.


Until next time. xx

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