My new fave spot: Melkbos Kitchen

The 9-5 working gal life has changed me. Come Saturday, I’ve actually been RELISHING the chance to couch-potato it up and catch up on TV series that I’ve gotten horribly behind on (Downtown Abbey, The Bachelor, Masterchef Australia, they’re all feeling pretty neglected).

Of course, I still behave like some kinda dejected, under-exercised, bad-tempered creature if I haven’t been taken out for walks or hikes (or some outdoorsy thang) at some point over the weekend. But, I no longer feel the need to COMPLETELY fill those two days with endless, frenetic activity.

Cue Melkbos Kitchen. Eating out on the weekends has never been a more un-frenetic, laid-back, stress-free experience.

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Located in the seaside village of Melkbosstrand, this gem of a café is far from the maddening crowds of the city. This is wonderful news because it means you don’t have to fight off overworked city slickers (at the end of not only their working weeks, but also their wits) just to find a parking space, never mind a table to plonk yourself at. Nor do you have to be the unfortunate recipient of a hangry death stare from that gal waiting in the queue by the door. Another bonus point is that you also get uninterrupted ocean views and a front row seat to the best sunsets.

Owners Justin and Wayne styled this elegant little café according to their own kitchen and welcome in guests like family to share in their culinary passion. Hanging out here is as comfortable and familiar as being at home, albeit jazzed up with meals that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are hearty and delicious.

This welcoming vibe is only emphasised by the fact that Justin and Wayne are always down for a good ol’ chat. Which is great because, when I’m there with the fam (so basically every time) they’re constantly waving the poor pair over to chew their ears off about how excellent the food is. And I ain’t even mad because I couldn’t agree more.

I was initially won over a couple months ago by a bowl of shakshuka, during my mom’s celebratory birthday brekkie (she was even brought a slice of chocolate cake on the house – candle included – and if that isn’t the cutest, cosiest most welcoming gesture, I don’t know what is). I didn’t even know I liked shakshuka and now I’d say I’m a huge fan. Featuring eggs poached in a sauce of tomato and onion, this traditional Middle-Eastern dish might have you thinking the rest of the menu items follow cultural suit. But nope, I’ve also enjoyed delicate poké bowls (inspired by the Hawaiian favourite), devoured the burger special, and watched as wraps, salads, plates of sushi and deli boards piled with charcuterie were brought out of the kitchen and sadly (in my case) placed at another table.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Sounds like quite the variety, right? But, I think because it’s so little, so well run and guided by a focus on locally-sourced and home-made dishes, the Melkbos Kitchen totally 100% works.

I’m already thinking about sitting out on the restaurant deck again next weekend, watching the sunset over the waves and sipping on a glass of Grootepost Brut Rosé, stressing about nothing other than what I’m going to have for dinner. Poké bowl or a burger, that’s the real question.

Ten outta ten would recommend all of it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Until next time. xx

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