Some thoughts on being a flexitarian

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This whole “Flexitarian” thing is a label that just kinda fell upon me. While this might sound like I stand in front of the mirror flexin’ all damn day, the Urban Dictionary officially describes it as “A silly word to categorise people whose eating habits don’t already fit into a category but desperately want to belong to a label”.

I was going to propose a strong argument against that (especially the “silly” part) but then I remembered that I’m basically a failed vegetarian that eats fish and occasionally cheats on my newfound (albeit, erm, flexible) value system with chicken. And that’s kinda…silly? And, who am I to argue with a source like the Urban Dictionary anyway?

ANYWAY. I’ve been considering “going vegetarian” for a while now. For someone who cares about the environment and wants to make a positive contribution, it seems like the right thing to do. I’ve shied away from making the commitment for various reasons, but almost without making the conscious decision, I’ve now just GONE FOR IT…ish.

Here are some thought-themes that have cropped up during the first few weeks of this journey:


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“I am the zen goddess of rainbow veggies”

I’m really into my morning routine of hoppin’ outta bed, getting the Nurtribullet to whizz up a vegan smoothie made only more magical by a scoop of Wazoogles plant-based protein in the Chocolate Moondust flavour (#NotSponsored) and then skipping off to work with my plant-based packed lunch like the veggie-munching unicorn that I pretend to be.

But, on a serious note, I’ve been eating ALL the veggies and it feels amamazing. My mindset has already changed to the point where a meal is only complete if it has at least 3 different coloured veggies in it. Even a pizza these days has to have tomato AND avo to balance out the yellow cheese.

“I’m not altogether convinced by legumes as a concept”

Legumes are obviously a great source of plant protein. I mean, they taste alright, but people who say that legumes don’t make them bloated are straight up lying. Or have the digestive systems of rabbits (side note: when I Googled “animals that eat legumes”, #4 on the list after “deer” was “pests”).


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“When it comes to hummus (and chickpeas), though, I have more of a CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP attitude”

I have a really strong affinity to hummus and I’m putting it down to my roots. Pre-hummus chickpeas are pretty freakin’ fab too, so fulling and so versatile! Roasted in the oven? YUM! Pulverised and then magically transformed into felafel? YES PLEASE.


Speaking of versatility, eggs are right up their with chickpeas. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time (it’s always snack o’clock round here), eggs have become one of my favourite sources of protein. They’re also sooo easy to master. Although, I can’t say I’ve ever successfully made a fried egg before. Maybe I should try that for dinner this weekend?


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“Is the Poké Bowl Diet a thing yet or what?”

When I’m at my peak of zen goddess chicken-and-red-meat-free-ness, I basically survive off eggs on toast and poké bowls (refer to visuals for photographic evidence).

Speaking of being a zen goddess of rainbow veggies, poké is traditionally packed with colourful and healthy additions to the the rice and fish components. Think avo, pickled ginger, mango, edamame beans and onion sprinkles – and if that’s not a whole balanced diet verging on a new health movement on its own, I don’t know what is. My bank balance might disagree, though.


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“Sometimes cheating with chicken is necessary”

I probably chose the worst restaurant in Cape Town to cheat on my new lifestyle with. The Royale Eatery not only serves one of the best burgers in Cape Town, but they also have almost as many meat-free burger options as the regular variety – including vegan cheese burgers.

But, while I haven’t missed red meat at all, on that particular evening I was REALLY craving chicken so it had to be done. The Royale Eatery burgers are freakin’ delicious so #NoRegrets.

This whole “going vegetarian” thing is a journey and, as any zen goddess would have you know, journeys include setbacks. Whether its chicken or chocolate or croissants, sometimes you’ve got to give your body what it wants.


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“Okay, I promise I’m going to go at least 3 weeks now without flexing…”

…Aaand then I start to feel guilty and cycle back to the veggie life again. Anyway, in all seriousness, I find that the longer I commit to this new lifestyle choice, the less often I succumb to the siren-protein call of chicken. It becomes a habit.

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I was totally going to write a serious post about the importance of a flexitarian lifestyle, but then Urban Dictionary told me my diet was silly so I decided to just roll with that.

Hope you enjoyed these foodie photos, now please excuse me while I go find some (Easter) eggs. Happy weekend friendlets!

Em x




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  1. Followed your blog because I love it! I am not a vegetarian and don’t really plan to be one.. but it’s great that you’re trying your best 🙂


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