5 things I’m reading on the interwebs right now

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Being in the business of writing as I am, reading is naturally a V. NB part of my daily life. In an effort to break the cycle of Instagram-for-breakfast, I enjoy my morning croissant with a good read (digital or otherwise), click straight through to my favourite publications to “get in the zone” before work and I actually delight in people’s lengthy, eloquently written Instagram captions.

I find that the more I read the better I write, and the content I LOVE to read is that which inspires me to write the most. You get the point, right? Anyway.

Another one of my favourite reading-related activities is sending article links to friends and family. If I think they might be interested in reading about an excellent shakshuka or a new take on the 5 love languages, best believe they’ll get a hasty email with “DO NOT DELETE VERY IMPORTANT” in the subject line.

While I enjoy various genres, the content that continuously draws me back while enjoying my morning cuppa is generally united by a general sense of wordy amazingness. And, I’d love to share that amazingness with you, too.

So, here are 5 of my favourite reads lurking on the internet right now:

1. The Man Repeller

I may or may not have decided to write this post as an excuse to wax lyrical about this online universe of awesome. With article titles running a gamut from Confession: I’m Kind of Obsessed with Instagram Likes to I’m 29 Years Old and Just Learnt How to Grocery Shop, the content on Man Repeller really speaks to my soul on so many levels. But, whether it’s to do with fashion or cultural identity or Manuka honey, the quality of the writing is exceptional.

Each of the MR writer’s unique voice and personality is so strong. Yet, every piece is still underlined by a common thread of intelligence, openness, entertainment and well-timed humour. It makes me want to be a better writer. Better yet, it’s created almost exclusively by women…

…I’m so addicted I legit just took a 5-minute break from my own blog writing to read another one of their articles. I mean, it would basically be a criminal offence to ignore a title like A Love Story I Need Everyone to Read Immediately.

2. Getaway 

I’ve been reading Getaway for YEARS. My dad usually picks up a print copy while doing a grocery run, which he reads before the mag gets lovingly circulated through the family. But, these days I hardly make time to flip through a magazine (except when I’m living my best #ResortLife on holiday) so I love to click through to the Getaway blog for my local travel fix.

Getaway is one of South Africa’s oldest and most well-loved travel publications. The enlightening content together with all those awe-inspiring photos keeps me coming back. And, of course, I’m really drawn to their focus on outdoor adventure, wildlife and nature conservation.

Now that I think about it, this publication has shaped my approach not only to travel, but also to travel writing. I see myself reflected in their authentic and open-minded style, their ideal of discovering the world in an immersive and budget-friendly way like their readers do as well as in their love for exploring all things Southern Africa.

3. How Far From Home

The South African couple behind How Far From Home took the “Let’s quit our 9-5 and travel the world” vibe, and ran with it in the most creative and inspiring way. Rather than simply sharing their adventures, they tasked themselves with an Instagram-based project – to document their trip in kilometres written on a chalkboard, a theme which ran through all of their images.

While this project has evolved over the years, there’s always an imaginative edge to their  content that makes it stand out from the information overload (albeit a highly curated one) that is the interwebs right now. In this way, they constantly inspire me to push my own creative endeavours.

4. The Anna Edit

Reading a post on The Anna Edit is like having a good old chat with Anna herself (I’d imagine. I’d also imagine a cup of tea involved. Because that seems like the correct English thing to do). I even find myself clicking through to her beauty-related posts (which is quite the, erm, detour from my usual niche) simply because it’s a delight to read.

Also, Anna is a huge advocator for the “tuck your t-shirt/knit into the tops of your denims” movement which is GREAT. Every time someone gives me slack for doing so (yeah, parents, I see you), I just send them on over to her beautifully minimalist fashun posts. I mean, a look just isn’t complete without the tuck. It can even make your hiking gear look totally aesthetic. Trust.

5. Sarah’s Day

I mentioned that I love the occasional lengthy Instagram, and Australian YouTuber/Holistic Health Princess Sarah has me in stitches with each and every one of her chatty posts. Whether she’s dishing out Nourish Bowl recipes, full-body ninja workouts or sharing candid moments with her boyfriend, she comes across as so real, familiar and friendly – she is so unapologetically her quirky self. Like, I really want to be her friend. Is that creepy? Probably. But, with 425k Instagram followers and over 600k YouTube subscribers, Sarah has certainly stolen a lot of hearts.

Happy reading! And let me know in the comments what your favourites are – I’m always looking for fresh inspo.

Em x




2 thoughts

  1. This is such a great post. It’s so great to share others’ work and I’d actually never heard of any of these before!
    I’m always reading as well as I’m always looking for new stuff so this is great, I particularly love The Man Repeller and The Anna Edit. x


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