Twice the kayak with Atlantic Outlook

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I can’t get enough of this city. 


A whole five minutes into our Kayak 2.0 with Atlantic Outlook and my sister-in-law to-be Casey was convinced she’d spotted a dolphin. The fin she’d seen was in fact a flipper and belonged to a seal, but that’s totally besides the point. The key take-out here is that she could actually see said fin/flipper a couple of metres in the distance. Rewind two weeks and we wouldn’t have got as lucky.

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Same two hooligans; two totally different days.

On our first excursion, it was so misty we probably wouldn’t have seen a dolphin/seal/great white if it came right over and gave our boat a nudge (okay, probably would’ve but ya know what I mean). We couldn’t see the view we knew was hiding behind the fog either, but I wasn’t totally perturbed – being in the water is such bliss and there’s something freaky but fascinating about being engulfed by mist. I mean, looking at that photo above, we could be on a kayak anywhere in the world. Our guides did unfortunately have to cut the trip short due to these less-than-ideal conditions, but we were told to book another adventure free of charge (thanks Atlantic Outlook team, you guys are the bombdotcom). So, that brings us straight back round to Casey’s “dolphin” sighting of our second trip.

This time, we got the best conditions we could’ve wanted. It was a cloudless day out on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard and we glided through water as smooth as glass. These daily trips start in Granger Bay, and head out towards Sea Point where we passed kelp forests, the RMS Athens wreck and the lighthouse, and kept our eyes peeled for marine life. But, even if you don’t see a dolphin or a penguin or a sunfish, you’ll still get INSANE views of Cape Town and that’s a treat all of it’s own.

Our city is known for its iconic landscapes, where high-rise buildings meet with mountains and oceans. But, seeing it all from the ocean is something else entirely. It’s so quiet out on the water, and if you park your kayak just right, you’ll have a spectacular cityscape to one side and endless ocean to the other. We chilled out like that for a while, letting the boat gently rock us and having a chat with our guide. Casey and I joked that a coffee would’ve been GREAT at that exact moment (and I was low-key but also not that low-key considering ordering one via Uber Eats in case they felt like delivering by boat/drone #GapIntheMarket #AmIRight). And then, just as we were beginning our leisurely paddle back to base, a dolphin surfaced for air right next to our kayak. I literally couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect morning.

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Check those views though!
With a crystal clear morning out on a flat ocean, how can you not smile?
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Uber Eats, anyone?

Before I deviate in the direction of breakfast (why am I like this), I’m just gonna chuck in a shameless plug on behalf of the planet and say that you’re probably going to pass a lot of plastic debris in the water. It’s sad and gross AF, but be a pal and try to fish some of it out. Casey and I spent a solid 5 minutes paddling around in circles trying to spear a plastic cup. Let’s call that Pro Tip #1. Pro Tip #2 is to ensure you pack dry clothes with you to change into afterwards because the Oranjezicht City Farm Market awaits to satisfy that coffee craving post-kayak.

Atlantic Outlook is conveniently located right next door to this Cape Town foodie hot spot, so we popped on over for brekkie. Casey and I sat with cold hands clinging onto warm coffee cups (I adore the baristas at the Journey stall, and they make a damn fine flat white) and I spent my future rent money on some v aesthetic avo toast.

Overall, ten outta ten would recommend the entire experience and thanks to Atlantic Outlook for being so rad and letting us come back for twice the kayak.

Until next time.

Em xx

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Hello deliciousness. Byeee rent money. 

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