A wholesome weekend in Hermanus


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“Let’s go to Hermanus for the weekend!”

Hello? Yes please. But then my mind, the restless thing that it is, starting ticking over time. So are we gonna go for some hikes hey? What about a cheeky wine tasting? On that note, where are the best places to eat lunch with a view? What about prime whale watching spots? Secret beaches? On and on the thoughts kept coming, all with the same end point – how could I fit as much blog-worthy activity into 24+ hours as possible?

Truth is, I couldn’t. And PLOT TWIST: I became very okay with that very quickly.

Hermanus is the kinda seaside town where it’s difficult not to locate your zen-chill. An easy, scenic 2-hour drive out of Cape Town, it’s best known for the whales that frequent the bay between July and September. Sure, there’s an amazing wine route, boutique stores, a busy market, quaint coffee shops and restaurants with ocean views. But, we stayed in the quieter suburbs, where houses with big gardens are backed by mountains, and wide roads lead straight down to the beach. This setting made for a very successful weekend of doing a whole bunch of wholesome nothing.

And by “wholesome” I’m talking building sandcastles on the beach kind of wholesome. And lying on the sand doing crosswords, climbing over rocks and scouring the pools for starfish and eating farmstall-bought apples beneath an umbrella. At 24 we can still have just as much fun on the beach as the four-year-olds eyeing us out. Back at the house, we drank milky tea and played cards. The boys made a fire outside and we inhaled a vegetarian dinner sat round the table. Marshmallows were toasted and squished between biscuits.

The day wasn’t ruled by a need to meet any specific appointment, except the sunset and sunrise. The former was spent getting overexcited about whales flicking their tails, while drinking champagne brought down from the house in a wicker picnic basket. The latter we emerged from the kitchen to watch, as the sun popped out from behind the mountains and I enjoyed my coffee with a side of fresh ocean air. And then, just in case we were feeling too relaxed, it was time to whip up some pancakes. Take a lazy stroll to get an ice cream from the café? Of course. No need to get in the car, or even put on a pair of shoes.

I’m honestly feeling more relaxed just writing about this weekend. I spend so much time rushing around, always wanting to know where the next thing is happening. But weekends away are best spent doing exactly the opposite. It’ll have you feeling more wholesome again, promise.


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Where are you heading for your next weekend away? I’m thinking Plettenberg Bay! Let’s have a chat in the comments below.

Em xx



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