My top places to eat in Plettenberg Bay

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Creamy flat whites and giant cookies at La Cafeteria.

I buggered off to Plett last weekend. And while sitting in the backseat of the car trying to eat an ice cream cone in the least unattractive way possible, I had a thought: “You’ve been to 3 of your fave foodie places in Plett today and it’s only 4pm. That sounds like a blog post in the making but maybe let’s take a nap first.”

I’m pretty committed to my snack game. Another cause I feel really strongly about is that of experiencing a new place through food. Did you really go to Italy if you didn’t have gelato? Same with the Seychelles and coconut curry. Germany and beer. You get the point. So you could say I was fairly excited when I got to introduce my boyfriend Dan to a place I know and love so well like the local that I am not – through food.

For a small-ish seaside town on the Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay has a flourishing foodie scene. With dairy farms, dim sum, artisan coffee, the ice cream of dreams, cocktails with a side of ocean views and wineries (and then some), we weren’t gonna get to everything in one weekend. Try as we might. But if I were you looking at the following list I’d say “Challenge accepted!”. Shout it to the rooftops, even.

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Plett afternoons are for cards and coffee (the latter made with the creamiest fresh milk from Nature’s Way Farmstall).

Between gallivanting on the beach, doing crossword puzzles and playing multiple games of cards, fuel up at these Plett foodie hotspots:

Ice Palazzo

Like any sane person would, I’m starting off this meal-list with dessert. I’m pretty sure I mention the Ice Palazzo in almost every Plett-related blog post but #NoShame. It’s my favourite ice cream in the world and I could describe it in more adjectives than you can shake a stick at. But I’ll leave it at this: Much like gelato and Italy, you haven’t gone to Plett unless you have an ice cream at the ice Palazzo. I don’t make the rules.

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Coffee is my favourite flavour, but tiramisu and pistachio are a close second and third.

La Cafeteria

This is my go-to for a coffee and a good time i.e brunch (or a giant dark-chocolate-and-pecan-nut cookie). It’s even better when enjoyed after a barefoot run on Robberg beach and a dip in the ocean by the Beacon Island hotel. All of which are conveniently within strolling distance of this beachy café.

Also, a lot of people stop by with their doggos which is great. I always miss my own doggos when I’m in Plett.

Kay & Monty

Wineries are a v important part of any South African experience, and as a local-ish I’m v proud of Plett’s little wine route. It has 9 wineries, a few of which I’ve been to, but Kay & Monty is a stand out for me.

Besides for yum wines and platters to share, I love the rolling lawns, the lake and the horses. On this recent visit we met two percherons named Star and Moonbeam. They’d just returned from carting guests by carriage between other wineries (like Redford Lane and Loadstone) which sounds like a vibe-and-a-half.

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Kay and Monty has plenty for the veggies (mmm cheeeeese).

Thyme & Again

I love walking or taking my bicycle up here when I’m in the mood for a snack i.e. time and time again (see what I did there?). Their homemade date balls are so sugary and crunchy and gooey and amazing and I’m also a BIG fan of their melktert (like the good South African that I am). Holidaymakers are known to rush in round lunchtime, enticed by the promise of fresh-outta-the-oven pies.

Nature’s Way Farmstall

If nothing else, this your go-to for the friendly goats. And the baby cows. And Pig the pig. And a stroll through the nursery.

It’s also our family’s top choice for fresh dairy products. Their milk and yoghurt is so freaking delicious, and while you’re at it you might as well indulge in the ice cream, cream cheese, fresh breads and preserved figs. You might even walk out of there with an avo or two or an adopted baby bunny rabbit. Either way, it’s not a place you depart empty handed.

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Always making friends with the baby farm animals.
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I’ll have one of each please.

The Golden Palm

TBH I think this was the place I was most excited to take Dan to because I talk about poké bowls all the time (I have a problem). We didn’t get there on this recent visit (fail) but if you’re as obsessed with poké as I am, The Golden Palm should be high priority.

It’s the literal cat’s pyjama to sit in that cobblestone courtyard, underneath the ornamental pepper tree, with a gorgeous bowl full of sushi rice, edamame beans, fresh tuna, avo, ginger and a sprinkle of crispy onion. It’s even better when you’re sitting in your bikini post-beach day. Can you tell I’m ready for summer or nah?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Em xx

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Cheers to food and wine and a good time at Kay & Monty.

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